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welcome to my weekly or monthly - we'll see how it goes - blog!

if I am absolutely dreadful at it it could be annual:)

Often there is a fun hat happening in the workroom though that I thought it may be nice to share with you - it's also nice to be able to chat with you as I work here alone and company is always lovely!

As it does get a bit quiet in here I often listen to podcasts so if that's your sort of thing, I'll pass on any good ones I hear!

Here are a few tips while reading this:

1. try to read it in a British accent, as I am British I write in one and a lot of my wordage may make more sense.

2.  I love fonts - I dont love this one - but this is the only choice on this blog - I'll look into it and try to work out something more exciting - maybe a new one each week:)

3.  I've never been much of a writer - but hopefully the pics speak for me!

Finally to this week - I really want to make more evening hats - how lovely we would all look if they became the standard for evening attire,   and we could dress for dinner too -  can you tell I've been watching the re-runs of Downton Abbey on Netflix?   I love that show, can't wait for the movie in a few days!!

Anyway, I made a hat to go with an evening dress for ...drum roll......Opening night of the San Francisco Opera  Gala - I love the adventures my hats go on!   (and my clients too of course;)

The dress was black lace with beige under and my client wanted something understated and elegant - the dress gave me the vibe of 40's glamour but she is also such a modern girl that I didn't want to go really retro but I still wanted to keep the vibe.I had been looking at the 'moonshadow' and started playing around with the crinoline - it's an amazing material, really rigid.  I had a few different ideas for her



close up of dress...initial designs..playing with crin..the inside..on location in CA! 

Fortunately she loved the crinoline idea,  and as we chatted we decided on a couple of quills.   A few tries with various feathers and I decided to trim down some coque feathers to little triangles - I didnt want them to be the main focus but wanted to give the hat a little more softness.


She does look absolutely fabulous!

- Jaine

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